What is the Fédération des cégeps?

Founded in 1969 to promote education at the college level, and more specifically in the general and vocational colleges known as CEGEPs, the Fédération des cégeps is a voluntary umbrella organization of the 48 public CEGEPs in Quebec.


As the CEGEPs’ official spokesperson, the Fédération defends their common interests and represents them on matters of concern to the whole network before government bodies, agencies in the sphere of education and the work world, social groups, the media and the public at large.


The Fédération facilitates concerted work by CEGEPs on major college issues, the voicing and adoption of common positions, and the exchange of know-how between colleges.


CEGEPs avail themselves of the services and advice provided by the Fédération in the areas of education, student affairs, international affairs, continuing education and professional development, research and development, information technology, financing, legal matters, human resources, credential assessment, bargaining and labour relations.


The Fédération des cégeps represents the CEGEPs in the collective agreement bargaining process.


The Fédération des cégeps disseminates information to CEGEPs, its partners, the media and the public through press releases, newsletters and various publications. Its website (www.fedecegeps.ca) is a good source of information on the college network.